Inspiring healthy lifestyles with a fresh perspective to healthy living

As part of the Pearlfisher Challengers & Icons series, Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher Founding Creative Partner and CEO, sat down in conversation with former English rugby icon, Jonny Wilkinson to discuss his new and exciting brand, N°1 Kombucha.

Jonny gained the respect and praise of a nation for his performance on the pitch, and his attitude off it. Renowned for pushing himself harder than anyone else, he always ensured he was in peak physical and mental condition, lifting the World Cup for team and country at the pinnacle of his sport.

With his playing days now behind him, Jonny is still intently focused on getting the most out of himself and has driven a number of personal health initiatives including establishing the Jonny Wilkinson Foundation to raise the profile of mental health, and launching his lifestyle brand N°1 Kombucha through pursuing a personal passion to connect our physical and mental health – through the power of living food.

N°1 is looking to transform our perspective on healthy living, convenience and ultimately, make the benefits of drinking Kombucha accessible for all.

“N°1 Kombucha is all about celebrating life and focusing on putting our own wellbeing first, because being healthy and happy both physically and mentally comes from connecting life with what makes us who we are – and ultimately, keeping a more harmonious balance between mind and body.” – Jonny Wilkinson

In the interview, Jonny explains how N°1 Kombucha aims to challenge preconceived ideas about how to embrace a healthy lifestyle with a Kombucha drink and brand built on the foundations of nurturing the gut to naturally stimulate health. The vision for the brand is all about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, taking positive steps towards unleashing your full potential and putting yourself – and overall well-being in mind and body first.

The design is a breakthrough look for its category and aims to connect with the health-conscious consumer, looking for accessible and enjoyable ways to re-centre themselves and optimise both their physical and mental wellbeing.

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