How Seedlip created a category from a void in the drinks market

Mike Branson, Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Pearlfisher, interviewed Ben Branson, Founder of Seedlip as part of Pearlfishers’ Challengers & Icons series. In the interview, Ben suggests that being a successful challenger brand is about fostering curiosity, freedom and a belief in what you are doing.

“It was about how do we bring this new proposition to life in a really positive way where it doesn’t feel like a compromise. From the liquid to the brand, it’s been about quality and credibility and something that feels good in the hand and looks good on shelf.” – Ben Branson

In a drinks market saturated by sugary soft drinks and a bevy of alcoholic offerings, Seedlip is the first brand of its kind – a sophisticated and craft driven spirit that is also non-alcoholic. Pearlfisher Design brought the revolutionary new brand to life by combining process and ingredients in an illustrative way.

With over 10 years’ experience working for some of the top brand agencies, Ben left agency life in 2014 to create his own start-up brand and answer the question: ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’. Seedlip was born and with the first 1,000 bottles sold out in 3 weeks, the second 1,000 bottles in 3 days, and the third 1,000 in just 3 hours online – it’s safe to say the brand was an instant hit.

Seedlip is a challenger brand with characteristics of an icon in the drinks market. While the brand’s roots reach back to farming in the English countryside, it has a proposition that’s much more universal: a non-alcoholic drink led by natural ingredients and the art of distillation.

The brand has helped create a global non-alcoholic spirits category and is now stocked in more than 3,000 accounts globally. Most recently, Seedlip has announced plans to launch a portfolio of new brands and is building a new experimental nursery and plant laboratory to push the innovation of new non-alcoholic drinks.

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