Life Mode: San Francisco

“The Life Mode Report has been created to enable our clients to be the change-makers who will anticipate and create the products and services their consumers will need in the future. We think this is of paramount importance because the world is changing faster than ever – and how we choose to live in it has never offered us more possibility.” 

Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher Futures Director

Life Mode San Francisco and our series of global events will share the insights and perspectives from Pearlfisher Futures exploration of the following key shifts:

  1. Following to becoming: Enabling our constant individual progression.
  2. Fixity to Fluidity: Seeking the collectives that will expand our worlds.
  3. Consumer to citizen: Rethinking our actions and what we’ll leave behind.

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Registration and welcome drinks


Introduction from Pearlfisher Founding Partner, Mike Branson


Introduction to Life Mode from Pearlfisher Futures Director, Sophie Maxwell


Shift 1 (Following to Becoming: Enabling our constant individual progression)


Expert viewpoint: Sarah Gupta, Director of Medical Affairs, uBiome




Shift 2 (Fixity to Fluidity: Seeking the collectives that will expand our worlds)


Expert viewpoint: Bruno Haid, Founder of Roam




Shift 3 (Consumer to Citizen: Rethinking our actions and what we’ll leave behind)


Expert viewpoint: Jonathan Eppers, CEO




Closing Remarks

7:25 – 8:30pm

Delicious light bites, drinks and a chance to network with industry peers



Sarah Gupta, Director of Medical Affairs at uBiome, joins as a guest speaker at Pearlfisher's Life Mode San Francisco

Sarah Gupta
Director of Medical Affairs at uBiome

Sarah Gupta, M.D., is a physician with a special interest in the human microbiome and its role in physical and mental health. Dr. Gupta serves as the Director of Medical Affairs at uBiome where she collaborates with diverse leaders in the microbiome field, and works internally across multiple teams to maximize the clinical value of current and upcoming products. She has been a featured speaker and panelist both domestically and internationally, including at the Institute for the Future, Food Funded, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the World Congress of Psychiatry, Cycles + Sex, Parsley Health, and Xconomy What’s Hot in Biotech, and has served as a medical expert for a variety of media outlets, including Well + Good, TechCrunch, UK News Channel Five, The Washington Post, and The Chicago Tribune.

Portrait of Bruno Haid, Founder of Roam

Bruno Haid
Founder of Roam

Living between San Francisco and New York, Haid was used to not having a fixed home, and he became accustomed to working from anywhere. Haid had the idea to turn this nomadic style of work into a business, and so he established Roam. Prior to starting Roam he Founded a company called work|i|o, a global platform to source location independent research & consulting from the best people for the job.

Jonathan Eppers, Founder & CEO of VYBES, joins Pearlfisher for Life Mode San Francisco

Jonathan Eppers
Founder & CEO at VYBES

Jonathan is the founder & CEO of VYBES, an organic beverage made with hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol). VYBES is available in more than 800 natural food stores, cafes, coffee shops, gyms, yoga studios and hotels across California, Portland, Indiana, Miami and New York City. Prior to VYBES, Jonathan co-founded RadPad, a rental marketplace that was acquired in December 2016. He also spent time in Los Angeles working in product roles at MySpace and later at eHarmony. Jonathan attended Purdue University where he studied computer graphics technology, building his passion for interface design.