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Pearlfisher Futures opens up a world of desire and looks at the context of change to inform and inspire all Pearlfisher's thinking. The Futures team inform, inspire and enrich, activating bold innovative brand behaviour and inspirational pathways to ignite Challenger & Iconic ideas.

Being a ‘Lifestyle brand’ has become the aspiration of many brands today. But what ‘lifestyle’ actually means – and what we expect it to deliver – is still undefined. So, just how do brands become a desirable lifestyle brand of the future? Pearlfisher has launched its latest Futures insight report and series of global events for Life Mode 2018 – how brands can design the lives we want to live – exploring the aspirational ‘lifestyle’ branding sector, its current appeal and the future opportunity it offers brands to explore and become the change-makers in sectors as diverse as health, wellbeing and personal care, travel and leisure, food and beverage, and beauty and fashion.

Through Life Mode we explore how the brands of the future are:

  • Innovating around our aspiration to constantly progress and develop ourselves as part of a lifelong journey, as we live in a constant state of ‘becoming’.
  • Creating communities in a service driven culture, making a footprint that is increasingly fluid, and changing the game to give access rather than offer ownership.
  • More aware of the need for change, shifting from a near-term to long-term view and striving to leave a better legacy for generations to come.

Starting in September 2018, Pearlfisher Futures will host a series of exclusive Life Mode events in each of the agency’s home cities – New York, London, Copenhagen and San Francisco and in Chicago and Minneapolis. Life Mode will also come to life in a series of global workshops and is available as a report, giving full access to the key insights and perspectives on what Pearlfisher Futures has discovered on what the future holds for lifestyle brands.

To find out more about what Life Mode could mean for your brand, get in touch.


Pearlfisher is a future focused design company, building the world's most desirable brands - Challengers & Icons - brands that ignite passions now and those that will be loved forever. They create brands as living breathing experiences, from powerful identities to multi-sensorial worlds. From their four connected studios in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen, they form partnerships with their clients all around the world through their three unique and connected areas of expertise; Futures, Strategy and Design.